Awesome Game #2: 

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Release date:March 20, 2006

This game will hold a special place in my heart, if only for sucking away more than 200 hours of my life (well spent hours, mind you).

The graphics were cutting edge for the time and the fact that you could do anything and go anywhere within the world is what made this game so great! You could unleash your inner warrior/klepto/psycho/hoarder/saint/whatever and it’d be pure fun.

Some highlights that I remember:

  • Stealing an Elder Scroll
  • Gathering up a small army from guards of all the cities to invade an Oblivion Gate
  • Meeting the Prince of Madness
  • Spending enormous amounts of time rearranging and adjusting items in my house
  • Meeting the Adoring Fan
  • Shooting the Adoring Fan in the chest with an arrow
  • Going all the way up to Dive Rock
  • Bringing the Adoring Fan with me to Dive Rock
  • Shooting the Adoring Fan in the chest with an arrow off Dive Rock

And that music that would kick in while roaming through a forest or at the start of a fight, always at the right time…. gooood times.